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Starting A Business? 4 Graphic And Web Design Problems To Avoid

Branding and promoting your new business can seem like an easy task. However, many new businesses take on the job without realizing there are critical mistakes they need to avoid.

Bad Logos

When you are building a business, developing a good logo is critical for branding and your image. Most novices are excited about designing a logo, but make the mistake of using several images and elaborate fonts, which create a distracting logo. Use simple images and familiar fonts, or consider only using fonts for your logo. Remember, your logo is used in different forms of visual media and must look good in different formats and sizes.

Your logo also needs to work in both color and black and white. Look at your logo in full color, then change it to black and white. If parts of the image or typography are difficult to view after changing the color, you need to make adjustments that do not rely on color for clarity or contrast.

Confusing Advertising

Whether you are advertising online or through print or broadcast media, visual advertisements are critical to reach a broad audience. You need to send a message to your audience without the opportunity to explain the concept, and your message needs to grab their attention. Problems occur when the audience has difficulties understanding the objective of your ad because the message is unclear. Be direct and concise with your audience. You need to get your message across in a glance by using bold fonts and vivid graphics. Limit your text to a few words or a sentence at most.

Another problem occurs when the audience cannot quickly determine the brand. Well-known companies have enough brand recognition to advertise a product purely based on a logo or slogan. When you are a new or small business, you do not have the brand recognition to rely on, so your branding should be obvious. The name of your business and corresponding logo should leap off the page and leave no questions in your audience's mind.

Unfriendly Websites

Since many people make purchases or do research about a product or service online, you need to invest effort into creating and maintaining a proper website. Mobile users make up a large percentage of website viewers. This means having a website that is not resizable or that is difficult to maneuver on a mobile device could quickly decrease business and leave visitors with a poor impression of your business.

The easiest way to overcome this problem is to choose a website template that automatically adjusts to the viewer's monitor. However, you need to spend time viewing your website on multiple devices. Just because your website fits a smaller device, does not mean the text is legible or the website is easy to navigate in a smaller size.

The aesthetics of your website are also important. A clean and simple interface is better than an elaborate interface with many graphics. Make sure areas of your website where customers can place orders and find your contact information are easily accessible. Keeping your website simple and effective can reduce problems with slow load times, which are a deal breaker for many online shoppers. Potential customers can quickly find a similar product or service on another website that loads quicker.


You should strive for consistency with anything attached to your brand. When you are starting to develop a logo and color scheme, you need to consider how everything will look across different types of media, even on packaging or labels. Having consistent colors and typography on your website, products, business cards and advertisements will improve brand recognition because your audience will learn to attach your business to a specific style. When you are going through the initial logo development process, you should develop a style guide for your business to make subsequent design projects easier.

Hiring a professional for both graphic and web design services can be expensive for a small business, but can help you avoid common problems. A clean and professional image will help your audience take you seriously from the beginning and can improve the overall success of your business.