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5 Ways To Increase Your Earnings With Rewards Apps

Just about everyone can use some extra cash, especially given national statistics on spending and saving habits. Across the country, most people are not saving enough money. Yet these same people want to find ways to curb bad spending habits and save money. One way to do this is via rewards apps from companies like Exsol Mobile Applications, Inc. that you can download on your phone or tablet.

There are a numerous apps that will reward you with cash, gift cards, and merchandise if you complete small tasks. These apps are free and available on Android and iOS devices. Once you download a few apps, take heed of the following tips on how to maximize your earnings.

Complete Activities Every Single Day

The amount of money you can earn from rewards apps varies from a few cents to several dollars for completed tasks. Rewards apps pay out for the following types of tasks:

  • Completing surveys
  • Scanning receipts for your groceries and other purchases
  • Scanning the labels of merchandise that you buy
  • Watching videos, like trailers for movies or infomercials about products
  • Downloading and playing video games
  • Participating in daily one-question polls
  • Completing trial offers for products that you order via links in the rewards apps
  • Rating songs
  • Taking photos of product displays
  • Writing short product reviews

This is not an exhaustive list, but it gives you an idea of what types of activities popular rewards apps pay out for.

If you worry that you will forget to complete activities each day to add to your rewards app savings, set an alarm on your device for a time during the day when you have some free time.

Turn On App Notifications and Sign Up for Alerts

Some apps have time-limited tasks that you can only complete within a specified time. These apps may issue notifications to users to let them know about the limited activity. However, if your phone notifications are off entirely, or just for that app, you will miss the special activity.

Make sure that your device's notifications are on so you do not miss time-limited activities. Sometimes these specials will double the amount of cash or points you normally receive for tasks.

Another way to get notified of special activities is via email and text alerts. You might be sitting at your computer working and miss a notification on your device. If you have an email alert set up, you will not miss an opportunity to add to your cash stash.

Use Multiple Devices

Since many apps are available on multiple platforms, do not hesitate to add your favorite rewards app to all your devices. That way you can complete tasks no matter where you are and respond to notifications at any time. Some apps also have companion websites that enable you to complete tasks on your computer as well.

Deposit to a Savings Account

Many rewards apps have a threshold for payouts. For example, you may not be able to cash out until you reach $10 in rewards or a certain amount of points. You receive your payouts via online cash services.

However, you may be tempted to spend your cash right away instead of saving it for a rainy day. Some online cash services allow you to link to your savings accounts. Instead of letting your money accumulate with the online cash service, transfer it right away to your savings account. In addition, depending on the service you use, you might be able to set up an auto withdrawal to transfer money to your savings account.

Refer Your Friends

One of the easiest ways to accumulate cash or points with rewards apps is to get your friends and family to sign up. You should be able to generate a referral link from within the app to share via email, text, or a social media account.