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3 Tips To Fix Leaks In Your Lead Generation

Generating leads for a product or service is one of the most difficult aspects of becoming a reputable brand. Paying special attention to three major areas in your lead generation can prevent leaks from turning into profit losses:

Gain The Right Traffic

Analytic software for both your website is essential for seeing how your business performs, but it can also help you identify problems generating traffic. Depending on the specific software, you can determine the number of visitors to your page, the link they clicked to arrive at your site, how long they stay, and what they do after visiting. You might find that visitors spend little time on your website, specifically if they arrive after finding your website in search engine listings. This could be a clue that your keywords or other content on your page are misleading. To hone in on the specific problem, you may want to dig deeper and find out what users are searching for before they land on your page. You may need to find more specific or relevant keywords for your business to generate relevant traffic to your site.

Convert Your Traffic

Your initial goal is to convert visitors into either followers of your brand or immediate customers. The latter can be harder if you do not have significant brand recognition, so it is important to capture information about your visitors which can keep them engaged with your brand long enough to eventually become customers. The most common method of keeping visitors engaged with your brand is to utilize forms on your website where users can input their email to become part of a mailing list. You can also encourage visitors to follow you on social media as a way of staying engaged with your brand. Attract them by offering them tips or other nuggets of information for being followers. The longer visitors remain engaged with your brand, the more likely they are to become customers.

Follow-Up With Visitors

You should make the effort to follow-up with visitors whether they simply signed up for your email list or purchased your product. Send the people on your email list periodic newsletters or other interesting or important information. For example, if your goal is to sell a skin care product, your newsletter may include a few simple skin care tips or active ingredients that may help solve common skin problems. You should also include information about the products you are selling and any promotions. It is important to use "soft sell" tactics because bombarding people with information about your products will only result in them unsubscribing from your email list. For previous customers, ask them about their experience with your product and encourage them to leave reviews. This will show you have a genuine interest in customer experiences beyond selling the product.

Identifying common problem areas in lead generation is imperative to gain traction in a competitive space. Once you fix common leaks, you can spend more time building your reputation and customer base. 

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