Making Sense Out Of Technology

Use Fleet Management Software To Keep Tabs On Your Drivers

Think of your truck drivers as the most important cogs on the wheel of success. Without their efforts, your customers won't be provided with the products that you are selling, and their respective businesses could suffer tremendous losses. Why take a chance when it comes to planning impending deliveries? Keep track of your drivers' current locations, make changes in routes, and supervise the safety of your drivers with specialized software.

Software Uses GPS And Cellular Phone Technology

So how does a software program actually keep tabs on your employees? A fleet management program that charts current locations and impending travel plans uses GPS (global positioning system) and cellular technology to give you a real-time update on the whereabouts of each of your drivers. A GPS tracking device can be installed inside any vehicle, and you can monitor the progress of each driver from your office or home. 

If you choose to use phones with your new software, your workers will need to download the software that you purchase before connecting their respective phone numbers to the program's updates. Request that your workers complete daily inspections of their vehicles and report the outcomes via the app.

Never again will you need to worry that one of your workers isn't going to make it to a destination in time or be concerned that one of your drivers has gone off of the road that you have directed them to follow. Deliveries can be timed efficiently every day of the week.

Smart Dashboards Will Keep Track Of Driving Standards

A smart dashboard will provide you with an up-close look at how your drivers are handling their delivery trucks. The last thing you need is for one of your driver's to be tired and fall asleep at the wheel or to be driving too fast, which could result in a costly accident.

If you notice anything out of the ordinary while you are monitoring your drivers, relate a problem directly to the person who is driving unsafely so that the situation can be remedied on the spot.

One last benefit of using fleet management software is that you can instantly relay any changes in plans. If there are road detours or if you need one of your drivers to stop by a new location that wasn't initially added to their travel plans, make the updates on the software and provide a map of the changes so that the driver who is being rerouted will be aware of the updated travel route.