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Residential Internet Service: 3 Factors To Consider When Setting Up A Home Office

Are you thinking of working from home? Bandwidth-intensive tasks like video conferencing have become the new norm as people embrace virtual meetings. You need a stable internet connection with speeds that will let you complete tasks on time. It is also probable that you have other people in the house using the same Wi-Fi connection. How can you get the appropriate residential internet service for your home office and family?

1. Assess Your Home Office Needs 

What kind of work do you do? Are you a salesperson and need to be in video conferences all day long? Are you a research assistant who needs to pore over case files? If you handle video files (videoconferencing, movie reviews, game streaming, etc.), you should consider residential internet package with good speed.  

If you only need to browse the web and download the occasional file, the classic broadband download speed (25 Mbps) will be more than adequate. How many other people are using the home office? You will need to adjust the bandwidth upwards depending on the tasks of the other users. Pay attention to upload speeds because that determines how smoothly you can do tasks like file and video upload. If you are doing HD video conferences or uploading CAD files, you will need more than the standard broadband upload speeds (3 Mbps). 

2. Consider the Number of Internet Users in the House

It wouldn't make sense to have a separate home internet service package for the rest of the house. You can share the internet with a simple Wi-Fi setup. Are there people streaming movies, games or downloading large torrent files? If yes, be mindful that these connections will slow down your speeds.  

You should also keep in mind that your internet service provider (ISP) is likely to restrict your speeds if there is disproportionate bandwidth consumption. Some ISPs do speed throttling to keep internet speeds stable among all users.

3. Beware of Data Caps 

Is your residential internet package capped at a specific limit? Estimate all the people in the house's monthly usage to determine if you fit the data cap or need a higher package. Some ISPs will charge you for bandwidth consumed above the data cap, while others will cut your connection until the next day. 

A home office affords you a comfortable working environment for more productivity. Contact a residential internet service provider to give you an internet connection that you need to complete and deliver your tasks on time.